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I am an Internet and Social Media Marketing Consultant and I would like to offer you a F.R.E.E. Internet Marketing Proposal to show you what we can do for your business to grow it exponentially. Interested? Simply reply to this message.

Do You Want More Customers in as Little as 90 Days

A 100% complete package that empowers ANY business to grab high rankings and more customers in very little time…and with practically zero effort!

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to you for all the hype and confusion about Search Engine Marketing. Huge SEO companies are proliferating this confusion in order to take advantage of business owners. The less you know’ the more they make. That’s their mentality’ and it angers me.

They Are Ripping You Off!

How’ are they taking advantage you?

#1-The pay per click myth-if you’re using ppc (Google Adwords) in any form’ you’re being ripped off. Why should you have to pay for each visitor to your site’ even if they have no intention of doing business with you? (That’s why they have all those ppc “fraud” tools in place.) Also’ with pay per click they neglect to tell you that as soon as you stop paying…your business is off the net in 15 minutes. With NO evidence that you were ever there. It can get you traffic quick’ but it stops it just as fast!

#2-They are WAY overcharging you for what they do. I had one of my own clients who was paying $3’195 a month for search engine marketing before he found out that we do that too. The company’ whom I won’t name’ was only doing one blog post and one article per month. Are you kidding me? (No wonder they told him it would take months and months to start getting results.)

We Invented This System With MY Team To Help Myself And Other Business Owners Conquer The Search Engines’ And It Works Great!

The top marketers on the planet understand the truth about marketing on the internet:
“He who controls the traffic-controls the money.”

Here’s What I’ll Do For You And Your Business…

I would also like to take this opportunity to Thank You for being a business owner. YOU are the backbone of our nation’ and are the main reason that we have become the great nation we are. If you look me up in Google’ you’ll see that I am in the business of truly helping fellow business owners. Your business is my passion!

If you have already received your custom web site analysis and want to take advantage of our system… I will have a personal search engine marketing specialist assigned to you! It’s expensive for us’ but after you’ nobody cares about your business more than we do…guaranteed!

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As the heritage and cultural centre of the Cooloola Region, Gympie boasts a tradition that few areas in Queensland can offer. A city of 16,000 people, Gympie offers the warm hospitality of a country town with all the modern conveniences.

Known as the "Town that Saved Queensland", Gympie's proud heritage began in 1867 with the discovery of gold by prospector James Nash at the site now occupied by the Town Hall. At the time, Queensland was facing bankruptcy due to drought and the fall in wool prices. However, Nash made the five day journey down the Mary River from Maryborough and, after digging up 75 ounces of gold in six days, staked his claim. The Gympie Gold Rush was on, injecting the boost to the Queensland economy that enabled the colony to survive.

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