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Gympie Lattice & Slatting specialises in the manufacturing and installation of high quality custom made timber Lattice’ Slatting & traditional hardware products. With a comprehensive product range’ focused on providing solutions to customers needs via privacy screens’ security and shade solutions. Gympie Lattice & Slatting creates innovative’ stylish & durable additions to homes’ businesses and renovation projects’ allowing for customers choice and budget requirements.

Product Range

The Gympie Lattice & Slatting product range includes:

Lattice Panels

Premium and Standard Quality
Square or diamond design
Available in treated pine & colorbond steel

Slatting Panels

In two premium spacing’s or tailored to suit.
Available in treated pine’ hardwood’ colorbond steel & Aluminium

Mini Orb Panels

Framed panels to customer requirements

Feature Front Fencing

Various styles’ available in timber’ colorbond steel & aluminium
Incoporating double’ single and automatic gates as required.

Traditional products

Traditional Hardware e.g. Door handles & locks etc
Specialist products e.g. traditional lighting’ switches etc

Google: for the full range


Fixed or adjustable treated pine’ colourbond & aluminium louvers

With protection from the elements and privacy requirments essential to enhancing our outdoor lifestyle’ Gympie Lattice & Slatting provides a practical solution with extensive benefits and uses.

Product Uses

Gympie Lattice & Slatting products may be used for: –

Outdoor entertainment areas
Privacy screens
Spa enclosures
Garden areas and boundaries
Children’s play areas
Decorative fencing & gates’ including pool fencing
Gazebos’ pergolas & conservatories
Modernising facades
Carport and garage enclosures
Rubbish bin & air conditioner screening.

As products are custom built & designed the range is as diverse as customer’s creative ideas.

Product Features & Benefits

Provides privacy’ shade & weather protection
Can increase security
Maintains airflow
Lattice’ Louvre and Slatting spacing sizes can vary to screen out the elements
Durable’ stylish and versatile.
Products can be painted’ stained or left natural
Easy installation
Custom made to suit any application

Gympie Lattice & Slatting offer a free Design consultation and Quote in the Gympie area

Screening and wet weather

There are many reasons why screening plays an important part in outdoor living.

For people to feel comfortable in an outdoor space it has to have a sense of enclosure’ even if its suggestive. Such as the canopy of a beautiful big tree a sunken area to nestle seating into a wall of screening plants or a timber screening panel. No-one feels comfortable exposed to their neighbours’ the cold wind and rain or the westerly sun.

Take note of which direction the prevailing winds that bring the cold wind and rain come from. Where do the strongest and most destructive winds come from?

Keeping these factors in mind when planning your screening will maximize the use you will gain from your outdoor areas as the seasons change.

A professionally designed and constructed timber screen can not only defuse strong winds’ offer protection from the burning sun but can dramatically reduce the amount of rain blown in on your verandah.

If you would like help in maximising your outdoor area’s please book your free consultation by emailing or phoning us today and we will have an outdoor solution expert ready to help.


The Gympie Lattice & Slatting Team

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As the heritage and cultural centre of the Cooloola Region, Gympie boasts a tradition that few areas in Queensland can offer. A city of 16,000 people, Gympie offers the warm hospitality of a country town with all the modern conveniences.

Known as the "Town that Saved Queensland", Gympie's proud heritage began in 1867 with the discovery of gold by prospector James Nash at the site now occupied by the Town Hall. At the time, Queensland was facing bankruptcy due to drought and the fall in wool prices. However, Nash made the five day journey down the Mary River from Maryborough and, after digging up 75 ounces of gold in six days, staked his claim. The Gympie Gold Rush was on, injecting the boost to the Queensland economy that enabled the colony to survive.

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