The Bowen Connection

Smart Bowen is a dynamic Bowen Therapy technique developed by Brian Smart. Having been trained as a Bowen Therapist in 1992 he found there were conditions that were not responding well to the normal technique.

Brian’ who was already a remedial massage therapist’ then did further study and was able to incorporate his knowledge of trigger points’ accupressure and accupuncture to develop Smart Bowen which has had remarkable results with many disorders’ some of which are:

• Lower Back Pain / Sciatica / Lumbago
• Hip – Knee – Ankle and Feet Pain
• Upper Back and Neck Pain
• Shoulder and Arm Pain / Frozen Shoulder
• Tennis – Golfer Elbow / RSI and Carpal Tunnel
• Sporting Injuries
• Pre and Post Operative Conditions

• Headaches and Migraines
• Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and Jaw Pain
• Digestive Disorders
• Menstrual / Hormonal Problems
• Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy
• Asthma/Bronchitis/Baby Colic
• Lymphatic Drainage and Oedema (related to Cancer or other circulatory health issues)

Sandra Walters has a diploma of Bowen Therapy and was trained by Brian Smart. Sandra is also a member of the BTAQ and is available for appointments on Monday at the Better Health Centre at 48 Barter Street’ Gympie and on other days by special arrangements. For an appiontment ring Sandra on 0409630512.


"I have been receiving Bowen Therapy treatment on a regular basis from Sandra since late 2007 for a number of health issues.Having worked my way through acupuncture’ physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments with only reasonable results I am delighted with the outcomes from Bowen therapy.

No more three day headaches’ renewed energy and vitality and sleeping without the aid of drugs have been the major benefits. It has been a revelation that a treatment which is so gentle and non-invasive can be so effective. Sandra’s warmth and enthusiasm for Bowen are another reason I enjoy my treatments so much and I am grateful to her that I can continue my favourite pursuit of horse riding."
Margaret Neilson’ Gympie

"Sandra has made a difference to my well-being. Using Smart Bowen therapy she gently manipulated my feet and legs’ correcting the imbalance that had been giving me excruciating foot pain. After two sessions I feel great – no more painful episodes’ amazing! It really works."
Jennie Hawkes Wright’ Amamoor

"I used to be sceptical of what I perceived to be left-field treatments such as Smart Bowen therapy’ but after two sessions with Sandra Walters’ I have opened my mind as a result of now being able to run again’ largely as a result of her efforts."
All the best’ John

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