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Do you suffer from any of these problems
  • Arrive home and have to negotiate a goat track to reach the house?
  • Every time it rains your driveway becomes a quagmire?
  • Instead of the water running off your driveway and into the drains it just runs straight down the middle of the road and the ruts are getting bigger?
  • You’ve bought your dream block’ decided on the house site and now need a driveway so the work can get started?
  • Been patching your driveway for years a bit of gravel here and there’ few hours for a bobcat to spread it around – only to see it all wash away with the next big storm.



If you can relate to any of these problems you have come to the right place because we


My name is Jason Reker and I live in the Gympie region. After many years working in the earthmoving industry I decided to start Gympie Grader Hire in 2006 and have modeled the business on quality service and work ethic that I value so high.

I offer a full service from:

Free consultation and quote

Design and construction

Selected gravels to suit conditions

Water cart and vibrating roller combination to achieve maximum compaction

Installation of pipes’ headwalls and trenching

Re-trim and drain maintance

Drainage solutions

Landscaping and tipper hire

Detailed earthworks

If you feel I can help you please give me a call on 0438216745 or send me an email.

What you will receive when you do business with Gympie Grader Hire is;

Professional and friendly service
Specialized machinery

  • A grader is designed to form the sub grade cut V drains and run offs. Work the gravel to achieve sufficient cambers to get the water off as quick as possible and reduce wear.
  • Water cart works alongsside the grader to keep the gravel at the optimum moisture content.
  • Vibrating roller compacts the moist gravel leaving a smooth attractive driveway designed and constructed to last.
  • An excavator to professionally install pipes head walls getting to those tight areas shaping banks landscaping detailed earth works and trenching.



  • Detailed finish that will add value to your property
  • Workmanship that will last longer than the next down pour




Thank you for your time and you business is important to me. You can contact me Jason Reker on 0438 716 439 to book in a free quote or send me an email all enquiries welcome.

This is how my customers thank me;

“Very happy with the end result’ Jason was knowledgeable’ consultative and always friendly. His estimate of cost was accurate and I plan on having him back for future work. It was a pleasure doing business with a skilled professional .”

Ian & Judith Leslight’ The Dawn.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jason Reker
Owner operater.

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About Gympie Online

As the heritage and cultural centre of the Cooloola Region, Gympie boasts a tradition that few areas in Queensland can offer. A city of 16,000 people, Gympie offers the warm hospitality of a country town with all the modern conveniences.

Known as the "Town that Saved Queensland", Gympie's proud heritage began in 1867 with the discovery of gold by prospector James Nash at the site now occupied by the Town Hall. At the time, Queensland was facing bankruptcy due to drought and the fall in wool prices. However, Nash made the five day journey down the Mary River from Maryborough and, after digging up 75 ounces of gold in six days, staked his claim. The Gympie Gold Rush was on, injecting the boost to the Queensland economy that enabled the colony to survive.

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