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SPEEDLINER ™ uteliners is the true No 1 ute liner and spray-on protective coating unmatched in strength’ maximum UV stability’ colour range and long term performance. Being the world’s toughest protective coating’ SPEEDLINER™ performs where others fall short. In fact no other liner system comes close.

SPEEDLINER™ is waterproof and is highly resistant to most chemicals. It’s range of uses is unlimited.

SPEEDLINER™ suits a wide range of Automotive Applications’ including a ute liner that provides real protection for your vehicle. Using SPEEDLINER™ is an investment in your vehicle and not a disappointment like other liner systems. Mitsubishi™ Europe is so impressed with SPEEDLINER™ that it now comes as a standard accessory on all Triton L200 utes in the UK

SPEEDLINER™ can also be used in Marine Applications’ due to its incredible durability under harsh conditions’ as well as a huge range of Other Applications ranging from health to hospitality.

To get SPEEDLINER™ sprayed on your car’ boat or commercial premises then contact Wayne on 0408839952

• SPEEDLINER™ is the tough’ worry-free protection you’re looking for!
• SPEEDLINER™ holds up better against rips and tears that may be caused by sharp-edged cargo
• SPEEDLINER™ better resists the effects of most common chemicals – including fuels’ fertilizers’ chlorine bleach and corrosive materials.
• Independent laboratory test results prove SPEEDLINER™ can withstand much higher levels of extreme use without adverse effect.

• SPEEDLINER’s™ advanced chemistry conquers early fading.
• No "chalking up" or "fading out" after exposure to the Sun.
• SPEEDLINER’s™ can be used in saltwater and freshwater on any marine craft.
• Proven by extensive independent laboratory test results conducted under intense UV ray conditions.
• Just what you need on the water.

• SPEEDLINER™ can spray to any thickness and on to most materials including metal’ wood’ concrete and fibreglass’
• It can protect and prolong the life of equipment’ roofing and flooring.
• SPEEDLINER™ is used in warehouse floors’ food storage facilities’ material chutes’ pipes’ tanks and any other construction/industrial equipment.
• SPEEDLINER™ will protect from premature deterioration and unnecessary wear and tear breakdowns and time consuming maintenance.

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